Albright, W. F., “The Phoenican Inscriptions from the 10th Century B.C from Byblus”, JAOS vol 67 no 3 (Jul-Sep 1947), 153-60

In this article Albright refines his script typology, arguing for a date of around 1000 BCE for the Ahiram inscription based on the 13th century date of the inscriptions from Lachish which are much less developed. He argues therefore that the royal inscriptions of Shipit-Ba’al belong to the 10th century. He analyzes these and other 10th century inscriptions from two perspectives: 1) relation to Ugarit and 2) relation to Hebrew orthography. On the first point he concludes based primarily on shared vocabulary that the language of Ugarit is close to that of Byblos. On the second point, Albright notes that these 10th century inscriptions use strict phonetic consonantalism, from which he infers that 10th century Hebrew orthography also followed strict consonantalism as reflected in the Balaam oracles and II Sam 22 = Ps 18. From this article one can see the impetus for the dissertation of Cross and Freedman.

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