Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Biblical Scholar

It was in seminary when I took a short seminar on urban ministry in which we read Dr Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail that I first realized that his original doctorate was not honorary. He in fact held a B.D. from Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania and then his Ph.D., I believe in Systematic Theology, from Boston University.

Today, browsing the internet for resources on Marduk and Tiamat, I stumbled upon this paper from Dr King’s seminary days, Light on the Old Testament from the Ancient Near East, written for James Bennett Pritchard, who of course edited Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. The paper reads like a first semester seminary paper (I am going to go burn all my seminary papers now just in case I ever become famous), but it is an interesting insight into Dr King’s early years.

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One Comment on “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Biblical Scholar”

  1. James Pate Says:

    That was a good paper (I found another one in which King took the same approach to the New Testament). Pritchard gave it a B because of a few spelling mistakes, but my papers would probably have more spelling mistakes too if I lived in the days before computers. Imagine making a typo and having to retype the entire page.

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