Holy crapoly – CDA in PDF

Well, it only took one day for my RSS subscription to What’s New in ABZU to pay off. Cambridge has made the Concise Dictionary of Akkadian by Black, George, Postgate, et al available as a 5.5 MB, searchable PDF file. 

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4 Comments on “Holy crapoly – CDA in PDF”

  1. jimgetz Says:

    That is absolutely amazing. Where do you find all this stuff?

  2. […] to Pete (a doctoral student at Hebrew Union College and a graduate of Covenant Seminary) over at Balshanut, it was brought to my attention that Cambridge has put A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian (eds. […]

  3. Peter Bekins Says:

    Jim – it is the fruit of free internet access at Bruegger’s Bagels which is my personal office right down the hill from campus. And, you might want to download it now because James Spinti posted a message on ANE-2 that this might not be kosher since it lacks the front matter, etc. To me, it seems to be a PDF of professor Postgate’s personal vocab list, and the Cambridge site doesn’t actually label it as the CDA, but I’m not sure if there are significant differences. I own the CDA already, but its nice to have the PDF.

  4. Chuck Jones Says:

    And dont neglect to use it with A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian: Addenda, corrigenda, and supporting bibliography

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