Did the Phoenicians circumnavigate Africa?

I received this link to this story from Jack Sasson’s Agade list about a rich English guy who wants to “prove” that the Phoenicians could have circumnavigated the continent of Africa for Necho II:

Philip Beale, 47, has commissioned the building of a replica Phoenician ship that he plans to sail around the continent with a crew of 20. Their 10-month expedition sets off in August and will follow the route that seafaring Phoenician merchants are said to have taken more than 2,500 years ago.

Such a trip is recorded in Herodotus 4.42. For more of the details check out this Livius page. This is my favorite kind of TV science – let’s prove our theory is plausible by recreating the details in modern times. Well, almost all the details: 

Apart from navigation and communications equipment, Mr Beale’s crew will have none of the comforts of a 21st-century vessel…

To be fair, Beale is probably mostly interested in the adventure of it all, but I am sure someone is going to film it and present this as “evidence”.  

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