Applying to Grad School Excursus – North American vs Overseas Programs

In a comment to a previous post, Jay Crisostomo asked if I planned to address the issue of North American vs overseas graduate programs. Here is a link to three essays on the SBL website concerning the issue.

I myself only applied to North American programs so I really can’t comment on the process for overseas programs. If you would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. The reasons I did not apply overseas mainly have to do with finances and family. It was my understanding that you needed to have all of the money together before applying for a student visa, and I just couldn’t bring grandkids overseas. Also, I didn’t really have any specific ideas for research when I was beginning the process.

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2 Comments on “Applying to Grad School Excursus – North American vs Overseas Programs”

  1. Before I met my wife I was planning on going to Chicago or to a German or Swiss university. I year before I was going to apply I set up meetings with the faculty member I wanted to write under and the dean of the schools. Then, I took a trip over there and met with them. They all said that I would be very welcome to study there. I think the key for the continental schools is getting an advisor’s support. Once you do that you’re basically in.

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