Hebrew Parsing Quiz

I just found this site maintained by Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, the designer of the Emdros text-database system, which has a series of parsing quizzes for biblical Hebrew and Greek. I am proud to say that I got 20/20 on פ”נ verbs. 

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4 Comments on “Hebrew Parsing Quiz”

  1. Hi Peter!

    Thanks for mentioning my quizzes. Good job on getting a 20/20 :-).

    How have you come to know about the Emdros text-database system, since you mention it? Do you use it as part of Libronix, perhaps?



  2. Peter Bekins Says:


    My undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering and I have some experience with programming and using databases in industrial plants. When I learned Greek and Hebrew in seminary I became interested in Machine Assisted Translation and computer analysis of texts.
    I downloaded Emdros last summer and have been playing with it as I prepare to begin research for my dissertation this summer. I am not sure yet if I will use it or a simpler relational database. It will depend on what kind of queries I need to make.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment,


  3. Pete,

    thanks for writing back. If you need any help with Emdros,please either ask in the Emdros forums (reachabe via http://emdros.org ) or just via email. You are exactly right: Use the right tool for the right job.

    Since you are interested in Machine Assisted Translation and computer analyses of texts, perhaps you’d find it fun to skim my MA thesis:


    In my MA, I proposed a method for “translating” Hebrew text to Conceptual Graphs (cf. John Sowa’s work and http://www.conceptualgraphs.org ). Conceptual Graphs can be viewed as a kind of “knowledge representation interlingua”. I demonstrated that my automatic method works on Genesis 1:1-3 (just 3 short verses!), but also made it plausible that, with more work, this method could, in principle, be extended to the entire Hebrew Bible.



  4. Zac Says:

    I know it has been awhile. Is the parsing quiz link broken? Know of any other parsing quizzes?

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