CAD on-line

The Oriental Institute has posted most of the remaining volumes of The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. I’m glad they shortened the name to CAD rather than ADOIUC. Only U/W, the print copy of which is still in preparation, remains. The volumes are in PDF format and all but the newest are scanned images with a hidden OCR-ed text that allows searching. It is unfortunate that the dictionary will not move the next step to become a true electronic dictionary.

Of course it only makes sense that the dictionary would go up on my second to last day of Akkadian class. Oh well, I guess I can use it for comps.

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4 Comments on “CAD on-line”

  1. Carl Says:


    I had the same thought about how untimely this is, but look on the bright side–it will help with the final text this semester too!

  2. At the CAD session at the last SBL Martha Roth projected that it would take $1,000,000 to turn the CAD into a true online dictionary. I find this figure hard to imagine considering the current low cost of graduate student labor. She said she was perfectly willing to do it if someone gave the cash. Have you checked your sofa cushions lately?

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  4. Peter Bekins Says:


    It certainly would be a lot of work to create an electronic version. Even if she had the $1,000,000 I had the feeling that Martha Roth wanted no part in it. It is more than just typing in all the entries, a new data model would need to be created to organize things correctly. She had a conversation with Dr Kaufman at that session where she basically said that lexicography is much more than just listing a lemma and a gloss. There is a lot of information contained in the way the entries are arranged on the printed page that could be lost.

    So, I don’t begrudge the folks at the Oriental Institute, a searchable PDF on my own laptop for free is beyond my wildest dreams. It is just unfortunate that the great infrastructure of the CAD is probably going to be packed up in boxes and sent to a warehouse now.

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