Release of Accordance 8

I am a few days behind because I have been on vacation, but Accordance released a major upgrade on May 26. The major improvement is that it is now a universal binary which can run on intel Macs. That doesn’t really help me because I run an old iBook G4. There are a few other neat improvements, like being able to use horizontal windows and accepting unicode text as input.

I am a committed Mac user (though not a snotty Mac evangelist) so Accordance is my main Bible software. However, with Logos in alpha testing for the Mac I am beginning to get a little conflicted. The Logos academic prices are a little bit better and there are a lot more resources available. On the other hand, I have sunk a lot of cash into my Accordance modules and the DSS module is superior to Logos. The one thing I really would like to get my hands on is the Anderson-Forbes syntactic database, which would really help for my tentative dissertation topic, and is currently only available from Logos.

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2 Comments on “Release of Accordance 8”

  1. Kent Says:

    Also newly available from Logos: 26 issues of the Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages. Thought you might be interested!

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    Get your Mac version working first, and then you can start trying to sell me modules :). I hear it is still pretty buggy for the Hebrew modules.

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