LEO Online German Dictionary

I have been working through a long German article this past week (which incidentally takes up almost the exact thesis I was considering for my dissertation) and I thought I would share a tool I have found invaluable – the LEO English-German dictionary. The front page is a little busy, but just type your word into the search box and you will get a wealth of information beyond a simple gloss. What I love are the idioms and common expressions as well as the example sentences which help you get a feel for the range of the word. Some technical terms have been missing, especially religious ones, but there is a forum where you can post your word to get help if you are really stuck.  

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2 Comments on “LEO Online German Dictionary”

  1. nelson moore Says:

    The only caveat I would make is to note that they provide you with a list of definitions that is in alphabetical order. It would be unfortunate to assume that the entries listed first are the most frequent. I wholeheartedly agree, though, that it is an outstanding resource.

    With help on entire phrases or sentences, you can also try http://translate.google.com, which is really rather remarkable. You can translate entire sentences, though you will only get one answer and not the range of possibilities that Leo gives with a single word.

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t quite figured out the rationale for the listing order yet. I use google translate a bit, but since I have a Mac I use the translator widget provided by Systran when I get really stumped.

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