Free language courses

A few days ago Mark at the Theological German blog posted a link to a page containing language courses put together by the Foreign Service Institute. They are a little dated, but they contain .pdf manuals and audio lessons in .mp3 format. Mark was obviously interested in German, but what jumped out at me was the Amharic at the top of the page. That could be handy for my Comparative Semitics comp.

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2 Comments on “Free language courses”

  1. Adam McCollum Says:

    Peter, I came across your post this morning and it made my day. I have used the print version of some of these materials but never purchased them because they are very expensive. I look forward to spending some time this weekend perusing them. Thanks!

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    Glad to help. Have you found them useful? I am going through the Amharic one right now. It is a little tough for me to to read in the typewritten transliteration.


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