Lost time

There is nothing I hate more than losing time. I am not sure if it is the engineer in me, or if it is something more basic in my personality, but the thing I value most in life is probably efficiency. Car problems are usually the biggest obstacle to efficiency in my life (I’m not going to count my kids, they are a welcome source of inefficiency). Yesterday on the way to work the window in my wife’s car fell into the door. Some bracket broke, and bam – no window. Not good when you are down in the city. So we switched cars and I spent yesterday and today pulling apart the door, pulling out the window, and modifying a new bracket to work better, then putting everything back together again before the thunderstorms came. 2 lost days. Of course, on the bright side I think I saved us about $300 by doing it myself. Maybe I’ll spend some of that on a nice bottle of wine tonight….

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