More on the Zincirli inscription

The blogosphere is simmering about the new inscription. There are several very exciting things to note. First, as Jim Davila points out, the inscription was actually found in a controlled archaeological dig. Imagine that! No antiquities dealers involved, and no concerns about forgery, etc. Second, the stele was actually found intact and the press release describes the thirteen line inscription as “preserved in almost pristine condition.” This must be the reason why Dr. Pardee is already set to present the inscription at SBL despite the fact that it was only found a few days ago. HH Hardy at DailyHebrew (Sorry, I realized I don’t know your first name) promises exciting findings for both philology and archaeology.

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2 Comments on “More on the Zincirli inscription”

  1. H.H. Hardy goes by “Chip.”

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t remember for sure, and I didn’t want to put the wrong name. It’s weird how we can be connected to people through the internet and yet never really use first names.

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