New Hebrew Inscription

Yesterday on the ANE-2 newsgroup, Aren Maeir announced that an important inscription had been found at Khirbet Qeiyafa in the Elah valley (see I missed it the first time, but Duane at Abnormal Interests was quite excited. There is also info at the BiblePlaces blog

Duane laments how long we’ll have to wait for the inscription to be published. Well, this is highly unethical, but through unnamed sources I have gotten my hands on the text. It is a little difficult to read, but here it is with some proposed reconstructions:

1. אל שאול ברכת[כ לי]הוה ועת
2. הנ ה[כה ד]וד את הפלשתי
3. הערל את גל[..] ויקטלה
4. על כנ נכזבו
5. המנ[מל]יסטימ

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7 Comments on “New Hebrew Inscription”

  1. Duane Says:

    It’s good that’s finally settled.

  2. dfrese Says:

    Haha! Awesome. Thanks for putting line 5 in there; you would have gotten a lot of people excited over nothing had you not.

  3. jake Says:

    Is this for real? What chronology are you using for Iron II, also?

  4. jake Says:

    I mean your transcription. This could be the biggest inscriptional find ever!

  5. Peter Bekins Says:

    Jake, I didn’t say anything about Iron II, that was in Aren Maeir’s blurb on the ANE-2 list, and re-read the last two lines of my “transcription”

  6. Søren Holst Says:

    Oy gevalt – I got a bellyache laughing. Awesome!

  7. eklektekuria Says:

    Cute, but too bad the ancient author didn’t know that centuries later there would be two lacunae at the names of Gol[iath] and [Da]vid — more than enough wiggle room for הכופנהגנימ to find a reference to Gil[ligan] and [Ing]vid instead.

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