Samalian Inscription News

After being bumped from the news by that ostracon deal, the Samalian inscription is back. Chip Hardy at Daily Hebrew has the photo of the Zincirli inscription along with a link to a NY Times Science article. The angle in the article is that it is a funeral stele which calls people to remember the deceased’s soul (apparently נבש) which now resides in the stele. This would imply that the culture believed in the separation of the soul from the body at death. It also gives the beginning of Dr Pardee’s translation: 

 “I, Kuttamuwa, servant of Panamuwa, am the one who oversaw the production of this stele for myself while still living. I placed it in an eternal chamber(?) and established a feast at this chamber(?): a bull for [the storm-god] Hadad, … a ram for [the sun-god] Shamash, … and a ram for my soul that is in this stele. …”

Jim Davila also has a separate press release about the stele.

UPDATE: Chuck Jones has provided a link to a hi-res image that you can actually read from.

UPDATE 2: Reading the hi-res picture, the NYTimes article left out some ellipses in their excerpt from Dr. Pardee’s translation. I have adjusted it above following the press release Jim Davila quoted.

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