I have SBL envy.

Everyone is blogging about their trip to SBL, and here I sit at home with two sick kids (well, one is teething so not technically sick). I have attended SBL the past two years (BTW I don’t like it when people call it the SBL, it sounds funny to me for some reason, perhaps because it reminds me of these jerks up here who insist upon saying the Ohio State University, as in, ‘remember when THE Ohio State University got creamed by Florida a couple of years ago? That was great.’). I don’t recall a single paper that was ‘life-changing’, but I always enjoyed the camaraderie and the feeling that you were a part of something much bigger.

So this year I sit at home, Zincirli translation in hand, living vicariously through all of you.

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4 Comments on “I have SBL envy.”

  1. Shane Says:

    I feel your pain.

  2. Carl Says:

    I wonder where your irritation about The OSU is coming from? Sounds like you’ve had personal contact…

    I whole-heartedly agree about the odd sound of The SBL.

  3. Andrew C Says:

    I hear you Peter . . . I don’t have sick kids, but I have a kid waiting to be born and the last thing my wife and I thought would be best was for me to somehow try to race from Boston back to LosAngeles should the baby decide to arrive on Sunday!

    Oh well . . . I can at least get some work done on this quarter’s seminar paper . . . hopefully that’ll dull the pain of missing some excellent book deals, some stimulating papers, and – as you mentioned – some great camaraderie!

  4. Jay Says:

    Perhaps we will see you next year at SBL in the New Orleans . . .

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