Go Gators!

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I happen to have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from a certain university located in Gainesville, Florida. Go Gators!

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5 Comments on “Go Gators!”

  1. Chip Says:

    Congrats, Pete. You guys played a good game!

    Chip Hardy
    B.A. Mathematics
    Oklahoma 2001

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    I should have mentioned something sooner, we could have been talking smack for weeks! You guys played a tough game too, much better than those clowns from Ohio State two years ago.

  3. Greg Says:

    From one member of the Nation to another- Go Gators!

  4. Carl Says:

    Now, Pete, with OSU sufficiently humbled (the grief is still too near), this is no time for a low blow!

    Carl Pace
    OSU 2001, 2005

  5. Peter Bekins Says:

    I was just making sure you were keeping up with my blog…

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