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It’s over

March 30, 2009

I finished my last exam today. The Akkadian went well, and the Semitics part was not exactly what I expected, but I think I passed. I still have to await the final word, but it feels good to be done. Now starts summer vacation.


So far so good

March 25, 2009

My Bible comp is behind me, now just one more to go. My Semitics comp will probably be the most difficult since because of all the translation. I’ll be happy to be done.

one down, two to go

March 19, 2009

I took my History comp today. I think it went well, but my eyes were pretty strained at the end of 18 pages and 5 hours straight of typing. My Bible comp comes next Monday, then Semitics the following Monday. I know what you’re thinking. What kind of an idiot schedules comps right in the middle of March Madness? Frankly, I’m an idiot. Hopefully I’ll get something done the next couple days.

Here come the dreams….

March 11, 2009

It’s one week to my first comp now and last night the dreams started. In my first dream my comp came in a small brown matchbox sized envelope. I opened it up and out fell a cuneiform tablet. Nothing else. In my second dream I opened up the test and the first question was a physics problem. There was a car on top of a hill. I think I was supposed to calculate the potential energy and determine how far down the hill and up the next one it would roll. I am not sure if I was supposed to account for friction or not.