Here come the dreams….

It’s one week to my first comp now and last night the dreams started. In my first dream my comp came in a small brown matchbox sized envelope. I opened it up and out fell a cuneiform tablet. Nothing else. In my second dream I opened up the test and the first question was a physics problem. There was a car on top of a hill. I think I was supposed to calculate the potential energy and determine how far down the hill and up the next one it would roll. I am not sure if I was supposed to account for friction or not.

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2 Comments on “Here come the dreams….”

  1. jimgetz Says:

    These seem pretty germane to what your probably going through.

    The other week I sent off a chapter to my adviser. The next day I dreamed he was telling me of his displeasure with the chapter. The most interesting part of the dream was the location: we were standing on the bridge from Hogwarts where Harry and Prof Lupine often talked in the third movie. Apparently, I’m afraid my adviser is going to turn into a werewolf!

  2. Peter Bekins Says:

    Yeah, my dreams tend to be more practical and realistic. If I ever have a “fantasy” type dream it is usually more akin to something from a Tom Clancy book (I am a spy trying to escape from someone) than Tolkien. Actually, in a later dream I spent some time considering the issue of the relationship between Mari/Nuzi and the Patriarchs. That is what I call efficient use of time.

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