Biblical Studies Draft

The NFL has a good thing going with draft weekend. Wouldn’t it be exciting if every profession ran a draft when you finished your studies? After you submit your dissertation, they would run a combine and parade everyone around in their underwear (uh, maybe that’s not such a good idea). I think I can get my 40 time down sub 4.6 if I worked on it a little bit, that should lift my stock heading into the draft. Then you could just at home on draft weekend and wait to see who picks you.

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2 Comments on “Biblical Studies Draft”

  1. dfrese Says:

    Brilliant. A big signing bonus at the end of a decade of grad school would feel really good.

  2. Jay Says:

    The idea has merit (apart from the underwear thing), but if we can’t get the BSS (Biblical Studies Scholars) draft broadcasted on two cable channels, then it’s not worth it.
    Also, if there was mandatory drug testing, I’m afraid that too many of the best scholars would slide into the lower tenure positions … which, of course, would raise questions about the history of the field … were Wilhem Gesenius or Frank Moore Cross or Steve Kaufman taking supplements to enhance their mental facilities? Then the whole process would lose its luster and we’d never want to take our kids to an SBL conference again since the guild has been forever tarnished … I think I’m getting carried away …

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