Today’s Deal of the Day at Eisenbraun’s is Malone’s Tiberian Hebrew Phonology (or THP if you are cool). This book takes a generative approach to the complicated Masoretic pointing system by positing and ordering various phonological rules.  The rules are a bit dense unless you are a real phonology buff, but it has some good stuff including a discussion of the 7-color and 5-color interpretations of the vowel system as well as a glossary of linguistic terms added by O’Connor (if I remember correctly). Suffice it to say, for under $20 I’m going to pick one up.

Tiberian Hebrew Phonology

Tiberian Hebrew Phonology

by Joseph L. Malone
Eisenbrauns, 1993
x + 204 pages, English
ISBN: 0931464757
List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $17.85

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3 Comments on “DOTD: THP”

  1. James Says:

    Thanks for the link! I hope you enjoy the book—if one can enjoy linguistics : )


  2. Charles Says:

    I would add a few additional descriptions to “dense.” The phonological rules are set within a transformational model, which limits the usefulness for applying linguistics to Hebrew, specifically because the field of phonology has experienced several major shifts since the beginning of Malone’s work on this book. There is much of worth there, but there seems to be a failure to tease apart what belongs synchronically to the phonological system and what what belongs to the phonological system because of diachrony. Coetzee has a good critique of Malone’s book, though Coetzee himself has moved beyond the framework from which he critiqued Malone. Enjoy, but don’t get lost in the outdated theory!

  3. danielandtonya Says:


    Thanks for the heads up! Looks fun.

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