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September 9, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past month. There are several reasons for my silence, but mostly:

1) I have been having massive writer’s block trying to put together my dissertation proposal. I had a spurt at one point, but then I found another dissertation from 2000 that is most of my idea, so I had to turn in another direction. I have also not been helped by the fact that…

2) My oldest son Henry has started 1/2 day kindergarden and youth soccer this fall. My youngest stays at home with me as well, so I have two kids in the mornings and one in the afternoon which means my writing is limited to 1hr blocks which are dictated by when Jack feels like napping that particular day.

It is difficult to just turn on the creativity for that one hour. Studying for comps was a little easier since I was mostly translating or summarizing my reading, and I could usually just pick that up where I left off.