(Swine?) Flu 2 – Bekins House 2

Well, both my sons have come down with the flu this past week. Henry is going on day 6 and Jack is into day 2. So far my wife and I have stayed healthy somehow, but I’m not holding my breath. My basic plan of attack has been to keep my mouth a sterile environment by always having it filled with bourbon. Surprisingly, it also makes the house seem much less stressful.

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4 Comments on “(Swine?) Flu 2 – Bekins House 2”

  1. Ahavah-Shimeon Says:

    My mum has come down with a very bad cold/cough – so we are trying out the old housewife’s remedy…. vics vapour rub on the souls of the feet….

    amazingly it has actually helped soothed the hacking cough.

    Mind as mum is STILL smoking her normal 30 a day – I don’t think the poppet is that ill…..

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. dannyfrese Says:

    =) Now there’s a solution I should have thought of. I could use the prophylactic and the stress-reliever.

  3. Ahavah-Shimeon Says:

    :0D raflmbo….

    I’ve just realised that the bourbon you mentioned is a sort of ‘whiskey/scotch’ … and not the slim and moreish chocolate biscuits we have here in the UK!

    The challenge now is to get her into the shower…. apparently in her mother used to say that ‘one should NEVER bathe whilst you had a cold/flu/illness’…

    Live is full of these little challenges are they not? ;)d

    • Peter Bekins Says:

      Ha ha, that’s a funny mistake, I’ll have to remember that for the future. Usually I would be drinking scotch, but I live on the border with Kentucky so when in Rome…

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