Report from New Orleans

I’m here in New Orleans for SBL. I’m not sure if it is because I feel a little higher on the totem pole this year (it feels nice to say ABD, but it will really feel good to finally add the Ph). Perhaps it is because my network of friends has grown a bit so that I know many more people (it was fun to eat both with Chip Hardy of DailyHebrew and non-biblioblogger Alan Lenzi yesterday, I also briefly met Daniel sans Tonya of Hebrew and Greek Reader).

Yesterday morning I sat in the finest SBL presentation I have ever attended. The OI folks did an excellent job discussing the Kuttamuwa inscription. Each paper was well presented and very interesting.

Perhaps I’m a hypocrite, but despite the theme of this blog I can’t make it through the BH linguistics sections, and I particularly found yesterday’s combined poetry section to be a bore. Maybe its because I’ve been reading so much on information structure and word order lately that nothing struck me as particularly novel or interesting. The presentations also tend to be of the order “here is example 37a, and here is 37b…..”


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