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Midwest SBL paper

January 21, 2010

The Midwest Region of the SBL will be meeting February 12-14 in Valparaiso, IN, and I have had a paper accepted to the Hebrew Bible and Early Interpretive Literature section. Here is the abstract:

The Use of the Definite Article for Frame-Based Reference in Biblical Hebrew

The grammars treat the use of the definite article in Biblical Hebrew as straightforward, corresponding closely to its use in English and Greek. However, there are also some significant variations. Most difficult are first-mention uses where the article accompanies an unknown participant being introduced for the first time. In this paper, I will argue that many of these examples can be explained by the cognitive idea of frame-based reference. A frame is the set of general knowledge that is invoked by the mention of a particular entity or situation. In this manner, the members of the frame are treated as if they had been introduced directly and can be referenced using a definite noun phrase.

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