More on ברא

Ellen van Wolde and Robert Rezetko have continued the discussion on the meaning of ברא with a new article in JHS. Overall, I remain unimpressed by the arguments for a meaning of ‘to separate’. I was particularly disappointed with the methodology. Writing a definition in all caps and putting it between brackets does not make it a semantic analysis. I have assorted notes on the issue, and if I ever have time I will post some of my thoughts.

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2 Comments on “More on ברא”

  1. Mike Aubrey Says:

    I hope you find time. I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Rodney Says:

      This is my first visit to this site, but am a little dissapointed that you should attempt to accademically criticise someones analysis with such brevity and a critique that could not be more ‘unaccademic’ .

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